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Whether you're working with an established online panel or a fresh group of research respondents, engagement is absolutely crucial in maximising returns and data quality.


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Customer, personnel, student feedback and profiling. Website polls, voting, complex data capture and retrieval.

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Marketing & social research for agencies & consultants; leading edge online surveys for consumer, B2B, government, planning and social services.

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Qsmart's graphic and complex logic capabilities are superior to any other systems we've used. Our respondents encounter highly professional looking surveys that quickly engage them from the outset and hold their interest. Enhancing the user experience aids data integrity and panel retention . Our survey completion rates have lifted considerably since we started using Qsmart.

Head of Online Production, Australasian Research consultancy

Produce intelligent online surveys quickly and effortlessly with Qsmart's highly intuitive user interface. Qsmart is the leading edge in online information harvesting and analysis for market and social research, customer feedback, HR & training assessment surveys, graduate/post graduate/distance eduction feedback, conference/expo surveys, website polls and much more.

Qsmart's customer base throughout Australia, USA and New Zealand includes universities, market and social research agencies, marketing and training consultants, small, medium and large companies, government and not for profit organisations, sports/affinity clubs.